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About Me

Hey there, I'm Riley. (they/them)

Glacial Erratic is a space for me to record the trips I go on, to try to retain my grasp on the english language, to share the things I've learned, to post a lot of pictures, and maybe one day, a space to make getting into the outdoors a tiny bit easier.


I want to do what I can to inspire folks to get into the outdoors and to lower some of the barriers to entry. Nature should be a space for everyone! Yet most of the resources out there are from very similar points of view-- I hope to cast a little light on the queer & neurodivergent aspects of long hikes.

I'm a mid-20's now-city-dweller who's been doing various ill-advised things in the outdoors for most of my life. As time goes on, said activities simply become sillier, and more important to me.

See you out there,

<3 Riley

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